Staking Dashboard Takeoff


gm, it’s been a minute since our last newsletter and there’s lots to catch up on.

We committed an additional 8,000 ETH (C$80+ million) to Ethereum staking last week. This brings us to a grand total of 36,000 ETH that we have staked since the Beacon Chain launched in late 2020. Translated to fiat, this is roughly C$81+ million worth of ETH that we are generating yield from.

We also have other big news to share…


Introducing Our New Staking Dashboard! 🚀

We are thrilled to introduce our new premium staking dashboard — now live in beta mode!

Staking Dashboard CL & EL Rewards

Staking Dashboard – Consensus & Execution Layer Rewards

Staking Dashboard Technical Performance

   Staking Dashboard – Technical Performance

Our dashboard allows all types of Ethereum stakers to have direct insight into their staking operations. They can easily track their rewards, aggregate financial data, and monitor validator performance from one user-friendly platform.

The beta release of the dashboard is a big milestone for our company. It is also the first piece of software we developed in-house to bring more transparency to staking and represents a core part of our business strategy — to build quality infrastructure that supports Ethereum users and investors.

Some features we’re excited to tell you about:

  1. The ability to verify and track staking rewards (i.e. yield) across multiple periods.
  2. Monitor validator performance and spot issues as they arise (i.e. missed attestations, slashing events, etc.)
  3. Create financial statements that are tax-efficient and IFRS compliant.

The initial inspiration for the dashboard came about when we first started staking ETH. We needed a way to address many of the pain points that make it difficult to meet institutional auditing and reporting requirements (i.e. a lack of transparency and reliable data pipelines). Our dashboard played a major role in helping us overcome these challenges.

In a post-2022 world, transparency and risk monitoring tools are essential if companies want to maintain user trust. We need to help those who participate in the asset class stay informed by giving them independent oversight when it comes to their financial and technical data.

We have a lot of cool features in the pipeline that we can’t wait to introduce, but for now we’d love to get your feedback. Sign-up today to join the waitlist for beta testing.


Heading Back to ETHDenver ✈️

ETHDenver 2023

Bet you can’t wait to hear more about our dashboard, right? Well, you’re in luck. A few members from our team are heading to ETHDenver to do a live demo and presentation. Oh yeah, and we’re bringing swag. 😎

When: Tuesday, February 28th at 9:00am MT.
Location: #BUIDLHub, 3403 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO

We’ll tweet out a link to the live stream and share the video in a follow-up newsletter, so don’t panic if you can’t make it IRL. But if you do, we’d love to see you there.

Email us directly at [email protected] if you’re interested in meeting up to talk about staking and find out what we’re up to at Ether Capital.


EthCap Allocates C$18M to Ethereum Staking 💰

Ether Capital CNBC interview staking

As we mentioned above, we staked 8,000 ETH last week, which brings our total staking balance to 36,000 ETH (C$80+ million) — more than 79% of our portfolio. This is on top of the 7,488 ETH we staked in January.

To us, staking is the most reliable way to generate yield in crypto and help secure the network by validating future transactions. Our goal is to stake as much of our ETH as possible and continue using a portion of our rewards to build out our operating business.

Be sure to check out our recent interview with CNBC’s Crypto World where we discuss our staking strategy and explain why competing Layer-1s are still no match for Ethereum.


Upcoming Events 📆

Mosoff Staking Rewards Forum

Ether Capital CEO Brian Mosoff will be participating in the Staking Rewards online forum next month to discuss essential tooling and standards that make staking complaint.

This one is all about institutional staking and there’s a great lineup of speakers so far. Go here to register for the event that kicks off at 10:00am ET on March 14th — you don’t want to miss it.


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  4. What Ethereum’s Shanghai/Cappella upgrade will mean for ETH liquidity.


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