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DevOps Engineer (👨🏻‍💻 Staking Engineer 👩🏻‍💻)





↳ How to apply ↲

Please send an email to [email protected] and include:

  • CV / Resume / Website
  • Socials (Twitter, Linkedin, Github, etc)
  • A paragraph on why this position and why you (a.k.a cover letter)

DevOps Engineer (👨🏻‍💻 Staking Engineer 👩🏻‍💻)

Job description

Ether Capital a leading public company (NEO: ETHC) known for helping launch the world’s first Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, and the first company to stake $50+ million on Ethereum 2.0. We are focused on Ethereum, yield generation (staking) and building financial infrastructure. Ether Capital is the first direct access point to Ethereum in the capital markets. In addition to being one of the largest institutional holders of ether, we are the first public company in the world to stake a significant amount of ether. Our team is growing as we build out businesses and opportunities.

We are looking for a multiskilled DevOps Engineer to join our team to help review, design, and implement system architecture and infrastructure, focused primarily on Ethereum 2.0. If you find crypto fascinating, are passionate about decentralized networks, and helping the Ethereum network scale and transition to Proof of Stake (PoS), this role is for you.

This is a full-time remote-first position, with team members in Toronto and Montreal, Canada. You will report to the Chief Technology Officer and work closely with the whole team. It is crucial that you are comfortable working in an unstructured environment and self-motivated to seek out problems and solutions while multitasking.

Though we are a public company we very much operate with a start-up-like culture. If you are interested in advancing your career and the idea of being involved with bleeding edge technology excites you, then please reach out!

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work in a team environment on a variety of projects including the review, design and implementation of system architecture components
  • Understand, review, and implement written and visual technical specifications
  • Own functionality and scalability features by taking responsibility from inception to deployment
  • Design and implement low-latency, high-availability staking infrastructure
  • Design and implement procedures and tools to document, maintain and monitor nodes to ensure 24/7 operations
  • Manage and monitor cloud infrastructure & Linux server administration (AWS, Docker)
  • Deployment automation and documentation
  • R&D on recent and upcoming releases (PoS, Beacon chain merge and post-merge tooling)
  • Collaborate on technical content pieces and explainers on the subject of staking and Ethereum 2.0.
  • Provide precise task estimations and ensure timely completion of deliverables
  • Anticipate and communicate design decisions prior to implementation

About You

Minimum Qualifications

  • Interest and familiarity with the current and upcoming Ethereum protocol and client upgrades, EIPs, and post-merge changes
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Open to challenges and learning new tools
  • Strong passion for Ethereum and blockchain
  • BS in STEM major or equivalent professional experience developing software

Technical Skills

  • Experience working in high uptime 24/7 environments
  • Knowledge of Linux and Docker deployment, configuration and resource monitoring/identifying bottlenecks (Kubernetes)
  • Significant experience with 1+ system administration scripting languages (Python, Shell script)
  • Experience with Node.JS/Typescript and RESTful API design
  • Strong understanding of security best practices
  • Experience with Open Source and Crypto hacker (Git, Version control, cryptography fundamentals, etc)


  • Experience with running different Ethereum nodes (Geth, OpenEthereum, Erigon, etc)
  • Experience with running ETH2.0 validator and beacon chain nodes (Lighthouse, Prysm, Teku, etc)
  • Deep understanding and expertise on the technical level of the ETH2 protocol (such as validation, slashing, network edge cases)
  • Code contributor of any ETH2.0 software stack
  • Finished Ethereum 2.0: Serenity Study MasterExperience with Golang, and Kafka
  • Familiarity with decentralized finance (DeFi) products


Ether Capital offers a competitive compensation package. Compensation will vary depending on the level of expertise of the candidate.

As an equal opportunity employer we don’t tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Whether that’s based on race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, citizenship, religion, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, veteran status or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal or provincial laws.


Company mission

Ether Capital strives to be the single biggest Ether (ETH) accumulator in the capital markets. We plan to generate an attractive yield off our balance by participating in Ethereum network infrastructure. We intend to use the net proceeds to develop unique IP for the crypto ecosystem and traditional finance.

Ether Capital is a publicly traded company based in Toronto, listed on the NEO Exchange under the ticker “ETHC”.