ETHDenver Recap + Details on Staked ETH Withdrawals


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We just got back from ETHDenver, the world’s largest and longest-running Ethereum #BUIDLathon, and the community is thriving! More than 35,000 people signed-up to attend this year’s conference.

What really makes crypto so unique is that no matter how turbulent or down the market gets, people that are focused on building and making the underlying technology come to life, tend not to notice. Instead, they are churning out new ideas and innovation that accelerates the industry’s potential.


Ether Capital tweet from ETHDenver

ETHDenver hackathon during BUIDLweek

ETHDenver is also a hackathon where developers work on building everything from the next big decentralized exchange to solutions for enhancing privacy on-chain. It’s where multi-billion-dollar ideas are born. 1inch, a distributed network for various DeFi protocols, is an example of a successful business with US$281+ billion in trading volume that was a ETHNewYork hackathon project just a few years ago.

Live Presentation at ETHDenver 💻

ETHDenver presentation on the staking dashboard

Ether Capital also participated in this year’s event.

Our team did a live presentation and demo of our new staking dashboard during #BUIDLweek. We talked about some of the challenges in the industry that led us to create the dashboard, including a lack of sufficient data pipelines and limited insight into validator performance.

These are things we discovered first hand when staking our own treasury (36,000 ETH to date). For companies or individuals that want to stake large capital, specialized tooling that meets institutional requirements are essential.

We’re excited that our staking dashboard is now in live beta mode. The early version of our product allows you to:

  1. Easily track your staking rewards.
  2. Closely monitor validator performance, including missed attestations and slashing events.
  3. Aggregate and export financial data related to your staking operations. It saves both time and money when filing your taxes (and your accountant will thank you).

We’re trying to get as much input from the staking community as possible to help guide our product roadmap. No matter how you stake your ETH, we’d love for you to try it out and share you feedback.

Ether Capital staking dashboard summary page

ETHDenver Panel on DVT 🎙️

ETHDenver DVT Panel

Distributed Validator Technology, or DVT, is a relatively new concept that allows a Ethereum Proof-of-Stake validator to run on more than one node or machine. The idea is that by spreading validator responsibilities across multiple nodes, you enhance security, reduce single points of failure and further decentralize the network. Obol Network announced in February it launched the first instance of DVT on Ethereum’s mainnet.

Ether Capital COO Jillian Friedman moderated a panel during ETHDenver with Figment, Obol and Lido on DVT and how it benefits the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. You can go here to watch the full discussion.

ETHDenver Highlights ⚡

Here are a few other ETHDenver presentations that caught our attention:

  1. Scaling Ethereum for global adoption with L2
  2. The secret of Ethereum liquid staking with Rocket Pool
  3. Decentralized market making: How does it work, what it is and why we need it

Staked ETH Withdrawals 🔐

Figment Tweet Staked ETH Withdrawals FAQ

Everyone keeps talking about the Shanghai/Cappella upgrade and staked ETH withdrawals, but how will it work?

We teamed up with Figment to answer FAQs on what you can expect when Ethereum’s next major upgrade (currently scheduled for April) takes effect.

Upcoming Events 🗓️

Staking Rewards Forum on Institutional Staking Post-Shanghai

Ether Capital CEO Brian Mosoff will be participating in the Staking Rewards online forum next week along with ConsenSys CodeFi and Kiln to talk about essential tooling and standards that make staking compliant post-Shanghai.

March 14th from 10am ET to 1pm ET

The three-hour forum will discuss Shanghai’s long-term implications and what it could mean for institutional adoption when staked ETH withdrawals are enabled. There are several panels including a discussion around institutional appetite for liquid staking. Go here to register for the event, it’ll be a good one!

Newsworthy Links & Highlights 🗞️

  1. The crypto market reacts after Silvergate Bank announced it is winding down operations and voluntarily liquidating.
  2. New York Attorney General alleges ether is a security in a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin.
  3. Social networking platform Discord says more than 30 million people use AI apps on Discord every month.
  4. Zero-knowledge crypto startup Proven has raised US$15.8 million in a seed round led by Framework Ventures.

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