New kinds of internet applications are being created like never before possible


Open digital asset marketplaces

Decentralized leveraging, options, and derivatives



We have a thesis on the direction of this space we are constantly updating including:

A focus is put on the dire needs of the space, such as a stable unit of exchange, scaling solutions, token liquidity, tokenized securities, asset ownership protocols, data monetization, identity management and innovative cryptoeconomic consensus models.

Money and value transfer as a native feature of the internet

Web3 making identity more efficient and secure

Why Invest in Ether Capital?

Ethereum is set to become the backbone of ‘Web 3.0′

A new and more decentralized version of the internet. Owning Ether itself and complimentary Web 3.0 assets is the equivalent of owning the building blocks of the new web.

Access to opportunities

Experienced and well-connected team members affiliated with OMERS, VersionOne, Purpose Investments and L4, will provide access to a unique flow of research and investment opportunities.

Transparency, liquidity, and security

Proposed publicly traded structure will provide liquidity and transparency not presently available to investors wanting to invest in Ether or Ethereum opportunities. By owning our stock, investors have access to Ethereum and other Web 3.0 protocol initiatives, and eventually the best innovations and companies coming out of the space – all without having to worry about technical barriers and custody risk currently present in cryptocurrencies. Investors can get this exposure with ETHC through a registered account, like other traditional equities.

Current ETH Holdings:

  • 42,587

Ether Capital Ticker Details:

  • Thomson Reuters | ETHC-MK
  • Thomson Reuters – RICS | ETHC.CCP
  • Bloomberg | ETHC.CN
  • ICE Data Services | ETHC-CC
  • Quote Media | ETHC:CC
  • Activ | ETHC:CAC
  • Factset | ETHC-CA
  • Fidessa | ETHC
  • ITS | ETHC

The Ethereum ecosystem is more than just ETH.

These new investment opportunities are complex and require deep industry expertise as well as regulatory navigation to thrive.

We aim to deliver to our investors access to the unique kinds of investments coming out of the Ethereum ecosystem and not just ETH.

There are token projects, equity deals, and brand new financial instruments being created by entrepreneurs using the technology. Projects like Maker, Augur and Coinbase are some of the oldest and most longstanding examples of how monetary policy, prediction markets and asset exchanges are changing.

We have a team of the best researchers, investors, founders, and financiers in the entire industry whose mission it is to access the best of what comes out of this space.