Ether Capital is the bridge to Ethereum and web 3.0

We connect innovations from Ethereum and Web 3.0 to the traditional financial industry 

Our Strategy

Phase 1

Acquire substantial holdings in the native Ethereum token Ether. Ether is needed as a commodity-like fuel to access the Ethereum network and broadcast transactions. This is important to own as the demand picks up for use cases in years to come.

Phase 2

Invest in the surrounding projects, infrastructure and upcoming protocols complimentary to Ethereum and Web 3.0.

Phase 3

Acquire and integrate businesses that leverage blockchain and Web 3.0 applications as they emerge.

Investing with Ether Capital

Our team is focused on how traditional business models will be affected by the advent of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and scalable blockchain technology. We have the deepest possible understanding of both traditional financial markets and the technology that enables Ethereum to exist, and build out strategies that benefit the Ethereum ecosystem by connecting it to the financial industry.

Meet our leadership team

What is a blockchain?

Put simply, a blockchain is a cryptographically secure distributed network.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a public blockchain that behaves like a world computer where participants broadcast transactions and changes of state to be verified in consensus by all distributed validators.

Why Ether Capital?

We aim to create accretive value by building a true business benefiting from a pool of publicly traded permanent capital to focus on two disciplined objectives:

  • Provide the financial industry with exposure to a first-of-its-kind holding of Ether, the underlying cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Provide connections for top developers with the financial industry and invest in entrepreneurs building companies using Ethereum.

How to purchase?

Traded on the NEO exchange with ticker symbol ETHC.

How do I find out more?

Check out our Investor Relations page here.