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Dec 14, 2018 - Ether Capital Invests in Wyre, Inc.

Wyre Thesis Document

Our Story

Bitcoin’s creation in 2008 brought disruption to money and payments. Value could now be transferred via a global and decentralized ledger.

In 2014, Ethereum went one step further and proposed a global virtual machine running on a blockchain. A simple analogy: if bitcoin is a calculator, Ethereum is a world computer.

If you look past the recent stories of speculation and ICO hype, there’s an ecosystem being built that will power the third iteration of the internet. This is the Web 3 vision of a decentralized web: you own your data, your privacy is maintained, rent-seeking middlemen have less power and money is a native feature of the internet.

At Ether Capital, our team is comprised of professionals from (i) traditional financial markets, (ii) venture capital, and (iii) crypto-native projects. We are all passionate about and dedicated to the Ethereum and Web 3 movement. We provide the experience, expertise and the access to this groundbreaking technology.

Ether Capital’s business model is focused on asset management, technology development and ancillary blockchain services. Our investment thesis revolves around the key pieces of infrastructure that will pave the way for mass use and adoption of Ethereum and Web 3 platforms.

Welcome to the decentralized future! Learn more in our investor section or read our investment thesis.


The Team

Som Seif

Executive Chairman & Co-Chief Investment Officer

Founder & CEO of Purpose Investments established in 2013. Previously, founded Claymore Investments before being sold to Blackrock Inc. in 2012. Prior to Claymore, worked in investment banking with RBC Capital Markets.

The Team

Brian Mosoff

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Mosoff is an entrepreneur and angel investor focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is an expert on web 3 technologies, decentralization and peer-to-peer models and has been an active member of the cryptocurrency community in Toronto and across North America. Since early 2013, he has run a Toronto-based family office that invested in early stage projects such as Ethereum’s 2014 crowdfunding. Other platform investments include Bitcoin, Filecoin, Polkadot, Urbit, Golem and Tezos.

The Team

Stefan Coolican

President & Chief Financial Officer

Stefan was previously a Director in the investment banking group at Cormark Securities, one of Canada’s leading independent investment banks. He spent ten years at Cormark specializing in corporate finance and M&A advisory for a variety of sectors including technology, cleantech, industrials and media. Most recently, Stefan led Cormark’s investment banking efforts in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has been actively investing in bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrency projects and protocols since 2015. Stefan has an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, an LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School and an MBA from Schulich School of Business. He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario.

The Team

Ben Roberts

Co-Chief Investment officer & Director

Co-Founder & CEO of Citizen Hex , an algorithmic market making business for Ethereum tokens backed by OMERS, Purpose & VersionOne. Founder of Lendingbot.io, which was acquired by Aivren in 2017. Previously worked at Thalmic Labs. Early adopter and miner of Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies.

The Team

Boris Wertz

Lead Independent Director

Founding partner of VersionOne. Seasoned entrepreneur who sold his company, AbeBooks.com to Amazon. One of the top early-stage tech & blockchain investors in North America.

The Team

Liam Horne


Co-Founder of L4 , a research centre and venture studio for blockchain technology startups. Co-Founder of Hack the North, and a previous winner of the Thiel Fellowship.

The Team

John Ruffolo


CEO of OMERS Ventures, the venture arm of OMERS. Board Member of top technology companies including Hootsuite and D2L (Desire2Learn).

The Team

Joey Krug


Co-Founder of Augur, a decentralized prediction market. Co-Chief Investment Officer of Pantera Capital, a leading blockchain investment firm & institutional owner of cryptocurrencies.

The Team

Colleen McMorrow


Corporate Director at Exco Technologies Limited. Former Audit Partner at Ernst & Young.

The Team

Cam Di Prata


Founder and Managing Partner of Gibraltar & Co., a venture capital firm. Former EVP & Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at National Bank Financial.


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